NAWMP International Structure

International coordination of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan requires leadership and commitment from national partners and the expertise of individuals with diverse backgrounds. International Committees and Working Groups have been created to provide oversight and to deliver the Plan. A summary of the groups is provided below, with additional details in the 2012 Action Plan.

The Plan Committee

The Plan Committee provides leadership and a forum for discussion of international waterfowl issues. Each country has six members on the Plan Committee, with permanent membership reserved for federal wildlife agencies. The Plan Committee is responsible for updating the NAWMP every five years. Plan Committee members approve new Joint Ventures and make policy recommendations to federal wildlife departments in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Interim Integration Committee

The Interim Integration Committee (IIC) was formed in response to the 2012 NAWMP Revision and reports directly to the Plan Committee. The IIC provides leadership for integrating the major elements of waterfowl conservation. The terms of reference for this group can be found in Appendix C of the 2012 Action Plan.

Human Dimensions Working Group

The Human Dimensions Working Group (HDWG) was also formed in response to the NAWMP Revision 2012. Under the joint leadership of NAWMP and National Flyway Council representatives, this group will provide the scientific and technical foundations to define objectives for hunters, birders and other potential supporters. The draft terms of reference for the group can be found in Appendix B of the 2012 Action Plan.

Public Engagement Team

The Public Engagement Team (PET), accountable to the Plan Committee, will develop and coordinate strategies to promote participation in hunting, viewing, and other waterfowl-related recreation. The PET will increase support for waterfowl and wetland conservation; create and maintain communication networks; facilitate development and dissemination of tools to help NAWMP partners engage with broader groups of people interested in waterfowl and habitat conservation.

NAWMP Science Support Team

The NAWMP Science Support Team (NSST) is a technical advisory body reporting to the Plan Committee. The NSST’s purpose is to strengthen the biological foundations of the NAWMP, and to facilitate continuous improvement of conservation programs. This group is the primary mechanism for scientific communication between the Joint Ventures, Plan Committee and federal wildlife agencies. 

Harvest Management Working Group

The Harvest Management Working Group (HMWG – formerly Adaptive Harvest Management Working Group (AHMWG)) provides a forum for discussion on the role of harvest and hunting regulations in waterfowl population dynamics. 

Leadership, Funding and Communications Working Group

The Leadership, Funding and Communications Working Group (LFCWG) is a subcommittee of the Plan Committee.